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It is a hot time for home buying and selling!

Spring and Summer bring warmer weather and the Summer of 2015 is heating up fast!  Buyers are busy looking to find just right the home and we are happy to help them.  There is a limited supply of existing homes on the market and that makes it a great time to list your home and […]

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Why it is a good idea to list your home during the Holidays!

A lot of clients wonder if the Holidays are a good time of the year to have their house on the market?  My answer is YES indeed!  Buyers are looking for homes during the holidays and the supply of homes on the market at this time is generally lower than it is during the rest of the year.  […]

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We appreciate our clients!

Peach Realty appreciates our clients!  The buyers and the sellers that we work with are awesome and they make our job so enjoyable!  This Spring and Summer our business has been great thanks to our clients!  The market is moving forward and upward at a steady rate and our clients are benefiting from this great […]

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